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Olympics & Paralympics

So what does it take to put on an event of this magnitude? How do you handle the responsibility of being the only person on earth doing your job? Where do you start? How? Does it not scare you that you are in part responsible for the largest peace time catering event on the planet?

I cover all these topics and many more in my post dinner speaking engagements, giving insights to the mad world of Mass Eventing.

Contract catering
cross sector catering

With 18 years experience in the Contract Catering world, Steve brings a wealth of experience to all contracts he is involved with. A commercial director with a passion for turn around contracts, establishing the dynamic set up in order to turn a contract around into profitability.

 Have sustainability goals? Want to establish best practise? Steve has a passion for the environment and helps drive change within businesses who are looking to create a strong CSR profile.

Mass catering Event contracts

with direct input & management 

The list below highlights the most prominent events and contracts Steve Travis has been directly involved with managing.


Royal Navy - Pay as you Dine implementation RNAS Culdrose - 1 year

Royal Navy - Pay as you Dine implementation RNAS Yeovilton - 6 months

Royal Navy - Pay as you Dine implementation HMS Nelson - 6 months

Navy Days - Portsmouth on two occasions

Royal Navy - Catering, Retail, Leisure and Multi Activity Contract - 24/7 for 3.5 years

Foreign Navy Contracts - Service provision to procurement and facilities management -


Beijing Olympic & Paralympic Games - Athlete, Media, Officals and Volunteer feeding - 3.5 million meals in 6 weeks

Asian Games & Para Games, Guangzhou, China - Specialist Athletes Dining - 2.4 million meals in 6 weeks

Royal Holloway - Junior World Rowing Championships

London Olympic & Paralympic Games - Specialist Athletes Dining - 1.9 million meals in 6 weeks


76 Formal Military Mess Dinners - by Royal Appointment, Admiralty, 1st & 2nd Sea Lords, Naval Secretary, Naval Base Commodores

8 Summer Balls, each in excess of 600 covers

8 Christmas Balls, each in excess of 400 covers

8 Burns Night events, 8 Valentines Balls, Trafalgar 200 Celebrations, 68 Officers Mess Dinners, 45 Senior Rates Mess Dinners